Friday, 30 November 2018

Whats this animal???

This week we are trying to draw what we see in our mind. If you say whats this animal find it your self!

The animal has a nice circled head.The animal has furry skin.The ears of the animal is a half circle and the ears are at the top of the head . Inside the ears there is another half circle.This animal has an oval shaped body.The animal has grey skin.The arms of the animal is short.The animal has great claws to climb on trees..The animal has a circle eye.Mostly the eye color is brown.The nose is a block circle with little nostrils.. It has short legs. It has an small foot. It has little claws on its feet.

What is the animal?

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Roll your destiny 2

(If anyone is reading this please comment so I know that if people are commenting on my blog)

Once upon a time where every where was water there was a  species  called, Shredonkey
it was a big species that spreed around the Eacean(World all covered with water) There was a  vigintillion of them which showed the Eacean like  a brown planet on problem was that they were threatened by a disease called  call 911  it was an dangerous ting but they died so that's when the land was created

I hope you  enjoyed my my roll your destiny story